A Conversation

Myself being a professor as a routine class lab i was in the class-room. Students were to write the practicals for Operating system (subject i take in  diploma college ). I was monitoring the class to see they are all doing there work. I saw all were busy in the practicals with file pages to complete it soon.

Just then i saw a boy who was no were happy to write it. i saw a kind of forcefulness in his writing and his behavior.  I called him and asked

Me: what’s  wrong? what is the matter? why do you seem unhappy?

Boy: I don’t like to write. not feeling good

Me: OK , no need to complete the work now, do it when you are in mood of doing it.

Boy: Actually mam i don’t like to study. for studies i never get into mood.

Me: then why are you wasting your time, money, and yourself !!!! (by this i was angry with him)

Boy: Mam actually this is not my passion. i don’t feel to study .(with eyes down)

Me: Oh. then what is your passion?  

Boy: my ambition is to be a Director ,want to direct films.want some adventure in my life. 

Me: So why are you studying here in Computers. You would have join some drama college. why forcefully  coming to college and hurting yourself  ??

Boy: i know i should join drams school, but i am here because of my parents, when i said my Father about my passion  he  laughed at me saying “you !! a Director i can’t imagine!!!!! ha ha… Bachha you are too young for your dream…” (literary he had broken down ) 

Me: Ohk. Ohk I understood. So the problem you think is your parents ?? You actually think that your parents are not allowing you to follow your dreams… 

Boy: Mam, i tried to convince but i did not succeed……( the conversation went long telling  how he adopted ways to pursue his parents )

Me: tell me what qualities you have in your self as a Director…

Boy:  Mam i  love watching movies, i watch movies as if i was the director of movie.i move into my dreamland, visualizing that i am taking shots for it .( explaining his work he was actually wearing a smile on his face , i saw a spark in his eyes )

Me: (impressed by this work ) Boy don’t worry you will actually go far. we can  fix this .


by this conversation i came to know that a 16 year old boy got with him so much in his mind and was capable of doing  it. 

There are many people around who don’t actually know what to do. they actually don’t have that spark in within themselves.  Want to be successful but actually don’t know what makes them happy ?. What is their passion ? literally no goal , no ambition in life . it is said that live in present but that does not mean you don’t earn a goal……. Think about it….



About Fatema Vanak

A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life
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