Passion or Profession ?????

I had heard a story of a Emperor wanting to defeat another Emperor, but could not do so with all his efforts & his eager need of wanting to go  it!!!  HE tried to implement many strategy & even illegal methods to do so but all in vain…..He spent his life trying, in vain, every trick in the book , before he was about to give up and decided to end his life.

We have always heard ” Keep trying and you will succeed one day “. Keep trying on but till when ???  You surely need to satisfy your basic necessity with of-course the Money. Money is not everything in life but you better say this before you earn much of it…

Every one of us has probably been at the same juncture at some point in our lives. But “holding on…. when nothing’s left in you” is difficult, more so, when we are trying in the wrong direction. People usually envy other people who are say, more intellectual or more successful than them.

I mean, how long is one supposed to keep trying? What if there are other things..better things..awaiting us?  Sometimes the most unexpected of things fetch us. We label them our “destiny”.

One of my cousins tried hard to clear the Science exams , had the dream of being a Doctor. But this mere dream did not helped… Finally choose the common stream and is now a bank officer at high post and truly he is happy to be there, getting his pockets paid.

Some would say he should have tried harder, some would question his sincerity and focus towards clearing the medical entrances , but the fact is: maybe he would’ve never heard the other opportunity knocking his door if he had not been receptive to it.

So all the confused and lost souls out there…don’t lose heart!!
Sometimes its prudent to widen our gaze, look out for all the other opportunities life has to offer…we never know when we may get swept away by the capricious winds of fate!!!




About Fatema Vanak

A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life
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2 Responses to Passion or Profession ?????

  1. lilses says:

    so what are your goals and ambitions,
    be really cool if you could tell us,


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