LOVE define ??????

Everybody earns their own defination and feels differntly for differnt people. so considering no
standard defination ,According to me “love happens only once, rest is just life…”

in our culture 70% people consider their attraction as their love of their life, its not that they dont get succes.
gradually they fall in love…. love comes into picture when you start caring , understanding for your partner
 more then yourself… like the mother’s love for his/her child.. Right ??? in any state of mind a mother won’t
complain about the child.

We get attracted to many fantacies in our life,and love is one of them !!!!!!


About Fatema Vanak

A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life
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