Just unconditional.


There are four words better than “i love you” and that are “i am here to listen”.

We can love someone and just be happy about it even if we know that it cannot  last forever.

#  it is about having someone who cares for you.

#  it is not about owing a relationship; it is just about being happy .

#  You know you have loved someone.

#  You follow unconditional love, no expectations.

There is a purpose and meaning behind  all events and this purpose and meanings develop you as a person & a lover. Whatever relationship  you have in  your life now, they  are precisely the  ones you need at this moment.

Am i RIGHT ???

Your words and feedback are always welcomed…



About Fatema Vanak

A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life
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3 Responses to Just unconditional.

  1. About “Unconditional” and what you say about relationships being what you need in your life at that time…I agree in the sense that we know, or think we know, what we need at whatever stage of life we are in. That is, sometimes what we think we want is what we think we need, and we base our choice of relationships on that assumption without considering why we want that. Other times we know what we truly need, either intuitively or rationally (from wisdom), and we choose accordingly. I have made both kinds of choices of relationships, and I can honestly say I wish I had made more choices based on rational or intuitive knowledge rather than on foolish ideas of what I thought I wanted. Of course, my rational and intuitive knowledge is built upon those foolish relationships I thought I wanted, so in that sense you are right to say that relationships are what you need at that time. I like your blog and will follow.


  2. furiousfatema says:

    If you are the first lover or the last, the feeling of being into love is enough to hold you.


  3. I agree. I want to be cared for and I definitely care for my partner.


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