What we actually want in life ??


You may have variety of answer for my question ,but i feel all summarize to
# Love
# Care  &
# Money

Love- We are born because of  love. From  birth we want love ,without love you have no existence. “Love is our soul- no love no life.”

Care- imagine that you have all worldly pleasure but you don’t have someone who cares for you. That will be no worse than hell.Right ?? We strongly need love and affection to survive.

Money- As i earlier said in my posts that you better owe much money to say that “Money cannot buy happiness”. We are here to be happy and thats not possible without Money.

Am i Right ????

Your answers and views are welcomed.
@ furiousjink.


About Fatema Vanak

A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life
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2 Responses to What we actually want in life ??

  1. MunkyTalk says:

    Agreed about your points, especially money. You may not need a lot of, but you need enough to have the basics in life in order to be happy!!


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