Little things gives you happiness


Some very little things and pranks we do in our college life , rejoys our life.

# To break the rules, gives pleasure and internal satisfaction of going so,feels good.

#  To act completely different of what is said. To laugh when you are asked to be silent.(specially acting childish)

#  To bunk the classes, tease the lectures ,giving funny names to our faculty and call them with it.

# Harass the couples of college. Pair one another with diiferent guys and girls.

#  Eat, play games during the class, seating on last benches.

# Texting the first benchers, and ask them to reply.

# Secret Nightout from hostel for parties.

# During submision time – drawing figures, copying assignment for friends.

# Preparing for exam since the reading but syllabus will complete hour before the exam.

Endless more moments that only college life have given us. Proud to have lived all……

Shared yours with me…and live them again.


About Fatema Vanak

A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life
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