Can louder voices prove you RIGHT? ?


In the world, there exists not only good, sincere, honest and responsible people but also who are wicked, dishonest and highly unreasonable. No argument can convince them, no eloquence can persuade them and then you are compelled to defend yourself.  They may attack you without any good cause.
Where arguments go louder understand that they are wrong ,though they wants  to prove Right.

Here is a story telling same.
A meeting was held to discuss about an organization’s employee issues with head of organization. All issues faced by employers were presented to head. But the head was firm not to listen to employers point of view,  instead he started finding faults of employers and their work.
All employers protested to at least listen to them, but the head did not listen. Instead he turned tables on employers, started personal pointing to each for their work and said that he has issues with them. Head considered that his staff was lazy and he stated speaking in a louder tone to neglect the issues of his employees. Head tried hard with his harsh tone to prove himself RIGHT.

Will truth  remain behind doors for long ???
Can the louder tone suppress Truth???
Is it right to use power and position to show fake truths to world ???

Your feedback is welcomed, keep sharing  your words.
~ Fatema Vanak


About Fatema Vanak

A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life
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9 Responses to Can louder voices prove you RIGHT? ?

  1. moskiie says:

    Dear Fatema.

    Your story really touched me. This is an injustice and injustice should be addressed and publicly shamed if not rectified.

    It is unfortunate that this head of the organisation is acting like the bottom. An ass, to be precise. I have come across many people like this. In day to day life, in the newspapers and TV news stories. They abuse their (real or imagined) power. In arguments, they charge ahead ‘wrong and strong’. They never deal with their own failings but fling mud in other people’s faces thinking that we cannot still see their foolishness and guilt. It makes no sense.

    Sometimes you have to pick your battles and know when not to bother but sometimes you have to fight for what is right and keep speaking the truth, even if no one is listening. Speak it soft and continuously with healing as it’s opening, and know when you need to speak it out as loud as the oppressors.

    The truth that is people are always listening and the Truth is always bitter and painful to those who prefer lies. That is why they shout and act out.The truth is the truth, no matter how people try to twist it, cloak it or avoid it. It is too powerful. Embrace it always. Even if it takes a while, truth always finds a way to change lives, especially when there are people who live by it and share it.

    I will share a passage that really inspired me a few days ago. It’s from the famous J’accuse article written by author and activist, Emile Zola, in response to a terrible framing and miscarriage of justice by members of the French military in the late 19th Century:

    “Today is only the beginning, for it is only today that the positions have become clear; on one side, those who are guilty, who do not want the light to shine forth, on the other, those who seek justice and who will give their lives to attain it. I said it before and I repeat it now: when truth is buried underground, it grows and it builds up so much force that the day it explodes it blasts everything within it.”


    Powerful stuff, right?


    • Fatema Vanak says:

      Yes thanks for sharing such nice passage over here. Injustice should be fought with no fears and till you get success in fighting for truth, no matter what it may cost you.
      Sometimes due to the fear of results & lack of power we keep quite,but we should understand that we have equally right to speak and express ourself.

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  4. I truly feel sorry for you. I have a job now where the bosses are very open minded and listen to anyone and what they say. Not always can they act on every request, but the earnestness and honesty is greatly appreciated and highly respected. It makes for a very good work environment.

    Are there any options for you finding employment somewhere else?


    • Fatema Vanak says:

      Thank you for concern. But the story doesn’t belong to my working environment, mine is quite better than the story. It belongs to one of my surroundings.


      • Oh. I thought the employee’s organization you referred to involved you directly.

        What you speak of is always around us. We cannot be pulled into this bog of screaming and shouting to see who can come out the victor. I appreciate your story because I see it all the time and it concerns me how some people can be. I apologize for misunderstanding your part in it.


  5. There will always be unreasonable people in the world, us people who are telling the truth and are reasonable must continue to speak the truth. No matter how loud the unreasonable people get, truth hurts and that is why they get all bent out of shape.


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