Short Quotes

Some nice short quotes that i came across.

# Life is similar to Boxing Game. Defeat is not Declared when U Fall Down. It is Declared when U Refuse to Get Up.

# Always WRONG PERSONS Teach the RIGHT LESSONS in Life. That is called LIFE EXPERIENCE.

# Faith is taking the 1st Step, even when U dont see the whole Staircase

# Keep Ur Face to the Sun, & U will not see the Shadow.

#Everything is Valuable only at 2 Times: 1: Before Getting It. & 2: After Losing It.

# Two Things brings Happiness & Success in Life: 1: The way U Manage when U have Nothing. & 2: The way U Behave when U have Everything.

# Two Places are most Valuable in the World: 1: The NICEST Place is to be in Someone’s Thoughts. & 2: The SAFEST Place is to be in Someone’s Prayers.

# ‘FEAR’ has 2 Meanings: 1: Forget Everything & Run. & 2: Face Everything & Rejoice. Choice is Ours.

# ATTITUDE at its Best: “My BACK is not a VOICE MAIL. Kindly Say whatever U have by FACING ME”.

# What is SUCCESS ? SUCCESS is, when Ur Photo’s are Uploaded on ‘GOOGLE’ instead of FACEBOOK.

# ‘EGO’ is the only Requirement to Destroy any Relationship. Be a Bigger Person, Skip the ‘E’ & let it ‘GO’.

# Do U know why God did not give Us the Gift to Read Other’s Mind ? So that, We could have the Chances to ‘TRUST’ & Privilege to be ‘TRUSTED’.

# As long as We do not Forgive People who have Hurt Us, They Occupy a ‘RENT-FREE-SPACE’ in our Mind.

# Always keep Hoping for Good. Keep a Green Tree in Ur Heart. The Singing Birds will Automatically come.

# If U Walk the Way guided by Humans, U will find a Hopeless End. BUT If U will Walk the Way guided by GOD, U will find Endless Hopes & Opportunities.

# GOD always likes to know again & again what U want. It is not that He Forgets Ur Dreams & Prayers, But He Loves to Check Ur Passion towards Ur Desire. That is why He wants U to have Ur ‘QUIET

# TIME’ which We call as ‘PRAYER TIME’ with Him everyday.

# I asked GOD: If everything is already Written in Destiny, then why should I Pray ? GOD Smiled & said: I have also Written ‘CONDITIONS APPLY’.

# Empty Pockets Teach Millions of Things in Life. BUT Full Pockets Spoil Us in Million Ways.

# TRUST is like a Sticker. Once it is Removed, it may Stick again, but not as Strong as it Holds when U First Applied.

# Always take Care of RELATIONS. Thats why they say, when U are in Doubt, ‘SILENCE’ is the Best Policy.

# Never Win People with Arguments. rather Defeat Them with Ur Smile. Because People who always Wish to Argue with U, cannot Bear Ur SILENCE.

#If a Drop of Water falls on a Lake, its Identity is Lost. BUT If a Drop of Water falls on a Lotus Leaf, it Shines like a Pearl. Drop is the Same, but the ‘COMPANY’ matters

#Our HOPES should be like HAIR & NAILS. No matter how many times they get Cut, but they never stop Growing. That is why they say, Always Hope for the Best, however Bad the Situation may be.

#  ‘MEMORIES’ are always Special. Sometimes, We Laugh by Remembering the days We Cried. & Sometimes, We Cry by Remembering the days We Laughed. Thats LIFE. ~Fatema Vanak


About Fatema Vanak

A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life
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