What you say is not actually the truth..

Did you ever lie to someone, some day in your life?? What you say is actually a truth all times???
I think all will agree to me. At some or other point in small or large scale we lie just to run out of the situations, to get treated immediately for sometime and enjoy. Like the medicines (i am not against it), they cure us for sometime but does’nt end our problems.

Yes i am a liar at many situations in my life just to be cured at that moment, rest will be seen later.later i build more leaves on that tree of false.The chain keeps on increasing till it finally starts hurting you from inside.today i have come to that point. I am not ashamed in accepting it.As i know i may be hurting someone , somewhere so i just take a chance to apologize to all whom i may have hurt by my sentences, knowing or unknowingly.
We actually hit like and upvote quotes that say true facts of life or some general facts but will remain same even after knowing the facts. We keep repeating what we should not and end up in misery.
Yeah!! going with the truth all the times will not be digestible to our systems Now, we are addicted in keeping things confidential to our circles. All don’t deserve to know.Its OK to serve dish of truth with pinch of untruthful creamy topping and keep moving on. It becomes necessary to keep changing with the change of life. to give good we take it as a support, to actually be nice at others heart.

You cannot predict the heart , you can read the mind through eyes or other stuffs but not heart!!
Untruthful words cover the eyes and mind of other people very easily.i bet they will not go into your details of truth. To the proposal of i love you , i love you too, is just enough.Noone cares about the details of truth.
but as i said we are addicted to it. So just accept the new truth that noone is Truthful. nooone is sinner,all are liars!!!


About Fatema Vanak

A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life
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One Response to What you say is not actually the truth..

  1. Bunnet says:

    You know where I lie the most? At work, and this sad because work in mechanical repair. I get costumers asking me, but why that didn’t work or why paying more, and it MY fault, I broke something or screw up in a way, but so ashamed and afraid I lie, and wanna really stop doing that


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