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A passionate girl who want to work hard for herself to live in a better way and look at the world in a broad aspect.Want to communicate and be a learner in all aspect of life

Friend’s and friendships

Having friends is just next to have treasure with you. Friends are everthing. #They can be like parents to guide you, wishes good to come to you (so you can party them), # they can be like brothers/sisters to fight … Continue reading

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An excellent write up to read. A LEAP OF FAITH. There was once a man who got lost in the desert. The water in his flask ran out two days ago, and he was on his last legs. He knew … Continue reading

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What you say is not actually the truth..

Did you ever lie to someone, some day in your life?? What you say is actually a truth all times??? I think all will agree to me. At some or other point in small or large scale we lie just … Continue reading

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Love in different way

Read the story below to link the emotions of Love in a different way. Teacher : A cruise ship met with an accident at sea, on the ship was a pair of couple, after having made their way to the … Continue reading

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Not Packed as expected ??

Sometime we don’t understand what world has to offer us. Our ability to think fades when we see what we are not expecting. Following story will tell you same. A young man was getting ready to graduate from college. For … Continue reading

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Fetch time for Love

You are mature. You know everything but there is a human limit, beyond which you cannot tolerate. You know that they love you,wants you smile. BUT at end of day one is thirsty for love. You should fetch some time … Continue reading

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Love to give, not take..

You’re hurt by only those whom you Love. A small act of them annoys you,hurts you. Someone who is indifferent,doesn’t smile at you,it doesn’t bother you so much. But someone whom you Love, they don’t smile, or they didn’t give … Continue reading

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