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What you say is not actually the truth..

Did you ever lie to someone, some day in your life?? What you say is actually a truth all times??? I think all will agree to me. At some or other point in small or large scale we lie just … Continue reading

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Why am I ???

@furiousjink “What is the meaning of life??” asked one of my friend to me, during our just hangout session.We were just talking about our life and the ups and downs we faced in our journey. I did not wanted to … Continue reading

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There are many thing we dream of and also much more we might have never dreamed¬† but it happens to us. Once in a while if you dream of acting differently but some hidden force inside you is not allowing … Continue reading

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Being true ….

  It is a tough task to be true to everyone and for every thing happening to us in our life. Something are to be shared with only our close and dear ones. So the only option left to say … Continue reading

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Click next…

During our journey in life we interact with many people in life.We accept some as friends,close friends, some our secrets holder, some as casual colleagues, some as just hi hello buddies.   Some stay for long span while some for … Continue reading

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Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Scenario¬†In the Cabin The head office, a trusty seated in the cabin, 3 people standing right in front , caught to be guilty , conversation starts,the harsh words coming from … Continue reading

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Sitting in my staff room with no hardcore work to complete. We move into talking about different issues and the human behavior and other stuff.And actually got interacted to many aspect and experiences by peeping into their life’s. Human in … Continue reading

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